Monthly Archives: April 2016

A Bright Evolution

slider1ex-920x389Have you been thinking about simple ways you can improve your home? A feature light fixture just might do the trick!

I am sure that when the brilliant minds (I won’t specify names as we all know that there is controversy there – and lets face it they were all brilliant) who first came up with the idea of the lightbulb set their minds to work they had no idea that it would evolve from a utilitarian product into a show stopping, mood setting, piece of art that we all hang from our ceilings and walls.

The evolution of the light bulb (and it’s associated encasement) is really quite extraordinary. We’ve come from nothing more then a wood stand with brass knobs and a glass tube with a carbon filament in the 1800s (incandescent) to fluorescent in the early 1900’s, halogen in the mid 1900’s and finally followed closely after by LED.

All the while we are exploring our creativity with the casings that surround these brilliant feats of science. There are so many options now available when it comes to lighting in your  home, and instead of being overwhelmed by them select the one you love looking at!

For Businesses thinking about using Instagram

10k instagram followersSocial media is without doubt the fastest growing marketing platform to date. Gone are the days where paid advertising gets you directly in front of your target market and with the only results.
The latest statistics report Instagram alone has over 400 million monthly active users sharing on average 80 million photos per day. If you haven’t already tapped into this incredible social media app – literally get tapping!
As a company we never could have imagined gaining the interest of followers that we have in just a short six and half months! We’re talking 10,000 followers all of sudden watching our brand, seeing our everyday services and liking our products. Some are far across the globe but others are practically next door. I’ve handed a business card to someone in a shop before asking about flooring and the person behind me said, ‘I know Griffin – my wife follows you on instagram! She was just showing me photos last night.’ Small world huh?
It’s not just about being popular either, it’s really exciting that we can engage with people on a daily basis. Sharing our achievements and helping them create homes they love to live in. Personally, I think this is just the beginning for professional businesses successfully using social media. I am excited to see how it evolves.